GoREAL is a real-world learning experience. It is structured through my journey as a teacher to guide students in the field of STEM and creativity.

To design this module, I did a lot of experiments and met many experts. Now, this ‘top secret’ will be revealed with everyone.

What is goREAL?

R – Real-world Engagement

E – Experience-based Learning

A – Adaptation STEM Subjects

L – Life & Career Skills

goREAL supports 21st century learning skills such as communicative, collaborative, critical thinking and creativity.

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goREAL Teachers Workshop 2019

The 4-hour workshop focused on strategies for integrating the goREAL module in 21st century learning.

10 series of workshops are being planned in 2019. Join the cikgusiber.com channel in Telegram for the latest announcement.

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goREAL ConnectEd

This collaboration  program will provide opportunities for Malaysian students to know the real situation in the industry as well as get advice.

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goREAL module 

The goREAL module is designed to facilitate future reference teachers. This module is provided FREE via e-book.

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goREAL #goreal Story

Two of my students, 17yrs will be rewarded a patent certificate when their invention in the ‘Patent Pending‘ period on the world’s patent database authority are not challenged. Their STEM’s innovation has also received a gold medal at the World Young Innovation Exhibition (WYIE) at ITEX 2017 and more. A lot of success has been …

Participation in the ‘Guru PAK21’ program

To further spread the use of the goREAL module designed for 2019, I joined the GURU PAK21 contest organized by PADU (MOE). Not a gift I wanted, but I hope to be 10 elected representatives to meet the Education minister to deliver some messages. Watch submission video